Getting Organized…

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Lately, I have really been on an organizing kick. I do enjoy sorting, clearing-out, organizing and straightening the small spaces in my home. I love a quick reward and I can usually do a closet or pantry in very little time (from start to finish about an hour or less).

Also, I find it is so rewarding every time I open the door and see a neatly organized space. Last night I organized our master bedroom closet… I must admit that I made my husband come up and look at it (he was very kind).

My approach to cleaning and organizing is to begin by hauling everything out of the space… making a huge mess. (This probably helps me feel a little better about the final product.) I then sort items into similar groups… shoes, my clothing, my husband’s clothing, suit cases and bags, hats, ties, keepsake boxes…

Next, I sort these groups into four piles or trash bags:

    1. D.I. — Code for Get rid of It.

   2. Trash

   3. Fix It Up!

  4. I use it, I like it, I love it… KEEP PILE.

When I do this regularly, the first three piles/bags tend to be small. (When I first began learning how to organize I would set a goal to eliminate a certain percent… such as 50%.)

After I have cleared out the excess clutter, I begin placing items back in by similar groups. I try to put items that are used most frequently at or near eye level. I place heavy items near the floor and lighter items above my head (which is pretty much everything… :0). Also, I find it very helpful to keep items where I use them the most.

Organizing Tips

–Have multiple sets of scissors stored throughout your house wherever you use them frequently.

–I store our playdough in the dining room, where my children use it.

–Continually eliminate clutter.

–Do you have a shirt that always puts you in a bad mood because you don’t like the way it looks on you or feels. Get rid of it. (My husband had this problem with a shirt… every time he would wear he would come home totally depressed. The shirt no longer resides in our home…)

–When an items begins to become worn out either fix it, throw it away or sell it. I am amazed at what we have been able to sell through eBay and our Online classified. (I have also purchased several items other were ready to trash which I have loved.)

–If you love it – keep it.

–Use small bins, baskets or plastic tote boxes to organize small items such as belts, scarves, undergarment and socks.

–Hang purses and bags from large hooks so they don’t lose their shape.

–Use bins, shelving units, hooks, basket and rods to accommodate a variety of items.

–Group clothing by season, use and color.

–Store items that are used infrequently at the top or back of a closet.

–Invest in a cute pair of rain boots… all the really great closets seem to have them… :0).

Images from Real Simple, “31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets.”